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Our Office

Mangatangi River Rock Limited (100% owned by Hugh Green Group) produces washed, uncrushed river stones from coarse, greywacke-derived river gravel in the Mangatangi Valley using the most sophisticated fixed quarry plant in New Zealand.

The quarry started producing aggregates in June 2006. Mangatangi River Rock Limited is situated in Franklin District between inland Mangatangi and Kaiaua. The quarry is on the Firth of Thames and is approximately 10kms inland from Kaiaua.

Top Six Reasons to Buy

The quarry produces a wide range of graded aggregates that are suitable for many applications including:

  1. 1
    Farming and Commercial
  2. 2
    Large Scale Commercial Drainage
  3. 3
    Gabion Rip-Rap
  4. 4
    Parks & Playgrounds

  5. 5
    Decorative Walls

  6. 6
    River & Stream Restoration

To see what we have to offer, take a look at our products.

Mangatangi River Rock Limited has been producing quality aggregates products since 2006




Decorative Concrete Pathways and Driveways


Rip Rap


Parks & Playgrounds


Decorative Walls


River & Stream Restoration