Price List

excl GST 

3-5mm* Natural River Pea Metal 1.42 $20.00
5-20 mm Decorative Pebble 1.42 $45.00
20-40mm Drainage / Decorative Pebble (F6) 1.60 $22.50
40-80mm Drainage / Decorative Pebble 1.60 $22.50
80-200mm Drainage / Gabion / Rip Rap 1.70 $22.50
200mm + Decorative Stone 1.70 $30.00
Garden Rocks (Pick Your Own) 1.80 $100.00
Weigh Bridge Charge $15.00
Single Axel Trailer $50.00 min
Double Axel Trailer $80.00 min

*3mm & 5mm Pea Metal perfect for horse arenas. Contains no pumice so won’t compact or break down and will have less dust.

For futher information please contact the quarry on
09 232 7692 or email

If you have any special requirements, please contact us for a quote.

All sales will be ex-quarry via the weighbridge.
Listed products are subject to availability.
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Prices are subject to change without notice.
Rates per m3 are given as a guide only.
Bulk Rate discount can apply.