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Un-crushed coarse grey wacke-derived fluviatile gravels with a small proportion of coarser-grained slightly to moderately weathered greywacke sandstone clasts.

It has grey-gold tones, reflecting the look of a typical NZ River and is very suitable for the mulching of gardens and other decorative uses such as the creation of natural water features

The 20-40mm/40-80mm drainage has good movement with permeability (K) 80(-ยน) MS. As this indicates its great ability at moving water.

The 80-150mm/150-200mm Rip Rap has stability with the weight of grey wacke and rounded. It is also much safer for people and vehicles than the sharp edged crushed product.

All of the 20mm+ grades have excellent drainage capability.

Weathering Quality BA
Crushing Resistance 400kN
Specific Gravity 2.621
Meets TNZ spec for drainage